can you say my name aidee

"Can you say my name?"

Over the years, pronunciation practice has fallen to the wayside in most Spanish classrooms.

But is anything more basic than seeing a word and knowing how to say it?

And hearing a word and knowing how to spell it?

Simply going through the alphabet is not enough...

And what is a more personal gesture of cultural understanding and respect than making an effort to say someone's name correctly?

By completing this 4-step module, you'll experience an innovative visual method that makes advanced concepts easy to see and easy to understand, even for total beginners.

Start with "Getting Ready" on the menu to the left, then over a period of 1 to 4 weeks (or more), work your way down the pronunciation module.

And taking a break between steps is important!

can you say my name aidee

"Can you say my name?"

The pronunciation module is appropriate for any English-speaker who is studying, has studied, or will study Spanish.

Upon completion, you will receive an official document that details your participation and reports your progress.

Spanish teachers who participate will receive Professional Development credit, and will also master an exciting new method to easily solve the age-old problem of written accents.

The on-line video lessons and practice apps work on all major browsers, and work especially well with touchscreens.

Although the program does work on most phones, they are not recommended due to the small screen size.